Our environmental fleet of taxis

24×7 (Stansted) Ltd, the official Taxi Company at Stansted Airport has gone green. Our mission is to establish a high quality Airport based service offering an environmental fleet of taxis and carbon neutral vehicles. With this in mind we assessed the vehicles that were used on the service prior to us taking over, (a fleet of aging Ford Galaxy’s) each vehicle producing 22 tons of carbon per year. 84 vehicles 1,848 Tons of carbon per year.  We also explored various ways of reducing dead mileage.

The Skoda Greenline was our chosen vehicle for our environmental fleet of taxis, the following took our attention, stop start function fitted. When you stop the engine automatically shuts down and starts up when depressing the clutch pedal. You soon get used to it, giving a saving on fuel and carbon.

An energy recovery system, that provides an efficient way of generating electricity and reduces load on the engine which saves on CO2 emissions by 2-4 g/km. The gear recommendation system advises you to change up or down to achieve optimum speed with reduced fuel consumption reminds the driver to stay in the correct gear.

Another way that the Greenline achieves fuel efficiency is by making some aerodynamic changes, smaller lighter alloy wheels with low rolling resistance tyres and slightly lowered suspension, which does not compromise the ride.

In April 2012 we replaced the entire fleet of fuel guzzling MPVs with 76 Skoda Octavia Greenlines and 8 Citron 9 seat vehicles, The Citrons are used for 5 or more passengers. And are driven by all drivers ensuring the larger vehicles are used only for groups of 5 or more, Averaging 30,000 miles per year they emit 11 tons of carbon.

The Greenline Skoda produces 10.42 Tons per year each, 792 Tons Total , the fleet now produces a reduced Total of 880 tons per year.  A reduction of over 53%.

We have also now introduced a Green Executive option for the executive that wishes to travel in style whilst travelling “Green”  The Skoda Superb Greenline, produced to the same standards as the regular Superb except with the same Greenline Credentials as the Octavia.

We have also introduced car share to our drivers allowing a driver to start and finish a day’s work from home therefor reducing the dead mileage by an estimated ½% 24,000 miles.

The computerized booking system allows us to see the exact position of all vehicles and ensure the most efficient use of vehicles, effecent use has reduced dead mileage by an estimated 2% 96,000 miles.

To further offset the carbon emitted we have created Be “Carbon Neutral Bank”  a Ten Pence per Taxi Journey “Carbon Bank” matched one for one by 24x7Stansted. We aim to plant one Broad Leaf Tree per year for every  Ton of carbon emitted, thus achieving a totally carbon neutral cost of operating, in fact a carbon “credit”  of 44 Tons 4,800,000 fleet miles per year, Carbon cost of operation reduced from 1,848 tons to 859 tons offset to “Zero”  900 new trees planted.