24×7 Stansted – a breath of fresh air

24×7 Stansted have chosen eforests as our carbon offset partner, 24×7 Stansted are planting trees to help offset our client’s carbon footprint. You can help us reduce the carbon cost of your Taxi journey by contributing just Ten pence every time you use a Taxi, each 10 pence will be matched by 24×7 Stansted or for just £5 you can have a Tree planted, in fact Two trees, your £5 will with our contribution now buy 2 Trees. The Annual carbon consumed by these trees at maturity will be Two tons.  That should offset enough to neutralise most individuals Taxi and private car use for a whole year.

You can pay at our booking desk in the international arrivals hall at Stansted Airport or by credit card by Phoning 01279 661 661 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm


24x7 Stansted Airport Taxi is going green